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Sterling RSD80N1

80,000 BTU, 1-Stage NG, Infrared Radiant Heater

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RSD gas-fired infrared space heaters are excellent economical alternatives to hanging furnaces. Whether you need to heat your garage, workshop, or other hard-to-heat spaces, the Sterling infrared heater provides both the fuel efficiency of radiant heat and the installation flexibility you need.

The main feature of this heater is the special ceramic honeycomb tile design which increases radiant output and reaches up to 1800°F on the surface. This heat is directed using a highly efficient aluminum reflector with rigid, double-formed edges. The ceramic tiles are mounted in a stainless steel retainer assembly and the body of the heater is made from tough, corrosion resistant aluminized steel.

This self-contained infrared radiant ceramic heater is best used in locations where flammable gases or vapors are not generally present and it is intended for the heating of nonresidential spaces. 

Standard Features

  • Special Honeycomb Tile Design for Increased Radiant Output

  • Inputs from 30,000 to 160,000 Btu/hr

  • Up to 1800°F Surface Temperature

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on Emitter Tiles

  • Suitable for Angle Mount up to 35°

  • All Heaters are Equipped with 100% Gas Shut-off Safety Control

  • 24 Volt Direct Spark Ignition System

  • Natural Gas Fueled

  • Indirect  Vented Operation

  • Heavy Gauge Aluminized Steel Burner Head and Venturi

  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminized Steel Body Construction

  • Simple Chain Mounting

  • 1/2" NPT Female Gas Pipe Connection

  • 120 Volt Electric Supply (0.4 Amp Draw)


Configuration is the direction the conditioned air will pass through the unit.

Upflow units will have the air come in from the bottom and blow out the top.

Horizontal units will have the air go through the unit left to right, or right to left.

Downflow units will have the air come in from the top of the unit, and blow out the bottom.

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Angle / Horizontal
Heater Type

Infrared Heaters provide direct radiant heat. Ceramic plaques behind the grille provide a warm glow. Blue-Flame Heaters distribute heat evenly throughout your room. A Cheerful blue flame is visible from behind the safety glass.

Heater Type
Heating Capacity

The amount of heat, rated in BTUs that the item can produce.

Heating Capacity
80000 BTU
Effective Heating Capacity (BTUs)
Minimum Ceiling Clearance to Combustibles
48 Inches
Minimum Floor Clearance to Combustibles
98 Inches
Fuel Type
Natural Gas
Ignition Type
Direct Spark
Combustion Type

Separated combustion draws outside air into the unit combustion chamber where it is burned with the fuel and then vented out with the exhaust. Reduces the common concerns about dusty, dirty, humid or aerosol environments.

Power Vented (or open) combustion pulls the the combustion air from inside the building and pushes the exhaust gases outside using a blower.

Combustion Type
Power Vented
Minimum Side Clearance to Combustibles
48 Inches
Piping Connections - Gas
1/2 inches
Orifice Size

The size of refrigerant metering device that ships with the coil.

Orifice Size
.0960 inches
Meets CSA Standards

Canadian Standards Association

Meets CSA Standards
23 5/8 Inches
26 1/2 Inches
7 3/4 Inches
120 Volts
Limited Warranty
5 Years
*Any accessories purchased with the Sterling RSD80N1, are eligible for free shipping.
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