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Panasonic S-26PK1U6

25,200 BTU (2.1 Ton) Cooling, 29,200 BTU Heating 14.9 SEER Wall Mounted Ductless Mini-Split Air Handler - Indoor Unit

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*This listing is for the indoor air handler only.*

A working ductless mini-split system requires an indoor air handler as well as an outdoor condenser. If you wish to view our complete ductless mini-split systems, please follow this link


Panasonic’s Ductless Split Air Conditioner products offer wide versatility in solving your cooling for a single. The Indoor unit(evaporator) is mounted inside the room, enclosed in a handsome space saving cabinet. It is connected to the outdoor unit(condenser) via refrigerant lines & inter-unit wiring through a 3-1/2” opening in the wall. Since no ductwork is required, installation is simple, fast & efficient. The indoor unit has been uniquely designed to provide Whisper Quiet operation while delivering comfort throughout the room(s). Panasonic Ductless Split Systems bring together sleek styling in wall, duct or ceiling mounted systems, with whisper quiet operations, quality & reliability you can count on.


Microprocessor-Controlled Operation
Microprocessor control ensures that the temperature and humidity levels in the room are always comfortable.
Wireless Remote ControlPanasonic’s infrared Remote Control with and easy to read LCD Display, gives the user the capability to adjust & set: temperature, sweep (louver control), fan speeds, timer and more, for complete automatic operation.
Self-Diagnosing FunctionDetails of previous warnings are stored and can be verified on the liquid crystal display. This makes it easier to diagnose malfunctions, greatly reducing service labor. (Wired remote controller)
Dry ModeBy coupling compressor and fan operation, intermittent operation can be precisely controlled according to room temperature, so that air is efficiently dehumidified.
3 Fan Speeds and Automatic Fan OperationConvenient microprocessor control automatically adjusts fan speed to High, Medium or Low. According to room temperature to maintain a comfortable airflow throughout the room.
Air Sweep ControlThe air sweep function moves the louver up and down in the air outlet, directing air in a “sweeping” motion around the room and providing comfort in every corner.
Louver ControlLouver can be manually set to the desired angle by remote control.
24-hour Clock with ON/OFF Program TimerThe remote control unit allows you to set a wide variety of timer-based operations. Such functions include automatic ON/OFF with a timer setting, same time ON/OFF every day, ON timer, OFF timer and Combination timer.
Weekly Timer(CZ-ESWC2)
System Controller(CZ-64ESMC1U)
Filter SignFilter sign informs you when filter maintenance is necessary.
25,000 : T-1series, U-1series / 150 hrs: K-1series
Automatic Restart Function after Power FailureThis feature allows the system to automatically resume operation at its preset program, after power is restored from a power failure.
Low Ambient OperationElectric Refrigerant Control ValveThe circulation volume of the refrigerant is controlled by a pulse type electric control valve. In order to attain optimum efficiency, when the power is switched ON, the opening degree of the electric control valve is controlled between 90 and 480 steps.

A proven refrigerant blend with a low ozone depleting potential



Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

Cooling BTUs

Not sure what size you need? Feel free to use our easy Sizing Estimator.

Cooling BTUs
25200 BTU
Heating Capacity

The amount of heat, rated in BTUs that the item can produce.

Heating Capacity
29200 BTU

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a measure of cooling over an entire season. It is determined by comparing the amount of cooling produced in BTUs in relation to the amount of electricity used. A higher SEER means a system is more energy efficient and would provide comfort at a lower utility cost than a lower SEER system.

14.9 SEER
Air Flow

The amount of air, rated in cubic feet per minute, that the unit can move.

Air Flow
559 CFM
Energy Efficiency Ratio

The measure of air conditioner efficiency at its maximum load

Energy Efficiency Ratio
8.9 EER
Moisture Removal

The amount of water that can be removed from the air rated in pints per hour.

Moisture Removal
8.1 Pts/Hr
Maximum Line Length per Zone

The maximum length of line set approved for any individual zone.

Maximum Line Length per Zone
165 Feet
Maximum Height Difference

The maximum vertical distance between the condensing unit and the air handler.

Maximum Height Difference
100 Feet
Liquid Line Connection Size

The outside diameter of the liquid line pipe (the inside diameter of the connection on the equipment).

Liquid Line Connection Size
3/8 Inches
Suction Line Connection Size

The outside diameter of the suction line (the inside diameter of the connection on the equipment).

Suction Line Connection Size
5/8 Inches
Sound Rating, Indoor

The noise produced by the unit rated in decibels. 30dbs is equivalent to a whisper, 60dbs is equivalent to a normal conversation, 90 dbs is equivalent to a lawn mower.

Sound Rating, Indoor
38 / 42 / 48 Decibels
Product Weight
40 lbs
44 7/8 Inches
8 31/32 Inches
12 63/64 Inches
Indoor Air Handler Type(s)

Indoor air handlers come in three basic types: - Wall Mounted is easiest to install - Ceiling Cassettes are unobtrusive and offer some ducting to other rooms - Concealed Ducts mount behind walls, above ceilings or under floors and handle multiple rooms

Indoor Air Handler Type(s)
Wall Mounted
208 / 230 Volts
60 Hz
Voltage Phase
SS610E no box
Rectorseal SS610E

Safe-T-Switch Electronic Condensate Overflow Switch

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