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Rinnai RUCS65iP

Interior, 6.5 GPM, Propane, 130,000 BTU, 93% Efficiency Tankless Water Heater

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Rinnai Ultra Series Tankless Water Heaters deliver innovation and technological leadership in condensing tankless water heating design, while providing homeowners with an endless supply of hot water, energy savings, a space-saving design and environmental benefits. The NEW RUCS65i at 130,000 BTUs, available in natural gas and propane, offers condensing technology with lower capacity at attractive price points. As the only manufacturer to offer both concentric and PVC/CPVC dual pipe venting options on the same unit, the RUCS models join the Ultra Series lineup of innovative designs and enduring values.

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified - Energy Factor up to .93
  • The RUCS65i, with a maximum of 130,000 BTU, can deliver 6.5 GPM of hot water
  • Built-in status monitor; easily upgradable to MC-91-2 controller for remote operation
  • Temperature Range of 120°F - 140°F, with four convenient pre-set temperatures
  • Stylish white cabinet and matching cover panel
  • Quiet Operation: RUCS65 @ 47dB
  • High Altitude Approved up to 5,400 feet
  • Ultra Low NOx Compliant
  • Built-in freeze protection down to -22°F for indoor models and -4°F for outdoor models (gas/electricity required)
  • Mobile Home Certified
  • Fuel conversion kits available
  • Isolation valves sold separately

These new Rinnai RUCS Condensing Tankless Water Heaters expand Rinnai’s Ultra Series condensing lineup to 6 models, in both indoor and outdoor versions, ranging from 130,000 to 199,000 BTU with efficiencies from .93 EF to .96 EF, providing the most complete condensing lineup in the industry.

PVC Vent capable

If yes, the unit can be vented either with concentric vent or with two PVC pipes, one for intake and one for exhaust

PVC Vent capable
Installation Placement

Equipment can be placed inside or outside of the home.

Installation Placement
Maximum Input BTU

The maximum amount of heat that the unit can produce. The amount delivered into the space will be the input minus the efficiency loss also know as the output. For example a 100000 btu furnace at 80% efficiency will give you 80000 out btus of heat. The same size furnace at 95% will give you 95000 btus of heat.

Maximum Input BTU
130000 BTU
Minimum Input BTU

The amount of heat produced by the unit at the lower stage of heat. Having two stages of heat will allow for more consistent operation and greater comfort in the home.

Minimum Input BTU
10300 BTU
Gallons Per Minute
6.5 GPM
Hot Water Capacity Range

The gallons per minute of hot water that the unit is rated to provide. The actual amount of hot water generated can vary depending on your ground water temperature.

Hot Water Capacity Range
6.5 GPM
Thermal Efficiency

The percentage of the heat generated by combustion that goes into heating. The remaining percentage goes out the flue. The higher the efficiency rating, the lower the cost of operation.

Thermal Efficiency
93 %
Power Source
120 VAC (60Hz)
Fuel Type
Liquid Propane
Ignition Type
Direct Ignition
Connection Type
Energy Factor
Temperature Range

The minimum and maximum temperatures on the thermostat.

Temperature Range
120 - 140 °F
ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Products earn the ENERGY STAR label by meeting the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR specifications. The EPA establishes these specifications based on the following set of principles:

  • Product categories must contribute significant energy savings nationwide.
  • Qualified products must deliver the features and performance demanded by consumers, in addition to increased energy efficiency.
  • If the qualified product costs more than a conventional, less-efficient counterpart, purchasers will recover their investment in increased energy efficiency through utility bill savings, within a reasonable period of time.
  • Energy efficiency can be achieved through broadly available, non-proprietary technologies offered by multiple manufacturers.
  • Product energy consumption and performance can be measured and verified with testing.
  • Labeling would effectively differentiate products and be visible for purchasers.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Piping Connections - Water
3/4 Inch(es)
Exhaust Venting
Product Weight
57.3 lbs
Meets CSA Standards

Canadian Standards Association

Meets CSA Standards
18 1/2 Inches
10 Inches
26 Inches
Heat Exchanger Warranty
12 Years
Parts Warranty
5 Year
Labor Warranty
1 Years
*Any accessories purchased with the Rinnai RUCS65iP, are eligible for free shipping.
 Roof Discharge 1
Rinnai / Ubbink 184162PP

Roof Discharge Terminal - For Vertical Termination

$54.99 Qty:
Rinnai / Ubbink 223176PP

Standard Termination Kit - For Horizontal Termination

$54.99 Qty:
 Rinnai STDKITVA-S21
Rinnai / Ubbink 223177PP

21" Standard Termination Kit - For Horizontal Termination

$57.99 Qty:
 Rinnai Snorkel 4
Rinnai / Ubbink 224047PP

Raised Horizontal Termination Kit ("Snorkel")

$222.99 Qty:
 Rinnai PP 45 Degree Elbow
Rinnai / Ubbink 224077PP

(2-Pack) 45° Vent Pipe Elbows

$29.99 Qty:
 Rinnai PP 90 Degree Elbow
Rinnai / Ubbink 224078PP

90° Vent Pipe Elbow

$21.99 Qty:
 224052 Front
Rinnai / Ubbink 224079PP

19.5" Vent Pipe Extension

$23.99 Qty:
 Rinnai 224053b
Rinnai / Ubbink 224080PP

39" Vent Pipe Extension

$28.99 Qty:
Rinnai / Ubbink 224087PP

10" Vent Pipe Extension

$18.99 Qty:
Rinnai BC-100V-1S
Rinnai BC-100V-1S

Deluxe Bathroom Control for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters - Silver

$135.99 Qty:
BC-100V-1W Front
Rinnai BC-100V-1W

Deluxe Bathroom Control for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters - White

$99.99 Qty:
MC-100V-1S Front
Rinnai MC-100V-1S

Deluxe Control for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters, Silver

$88.99 Qty:
Rinnai MC-100V-1W Front
Rinnai MC-100V-1W

Deluxe Control for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters - White

$88.99 Qty:
MC-91-1S Front
Rinnai MC-91-2S

Standard Control for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters - Silver

$61.99 Qty:
MC-91-1W Front
Rinnai MC-91-2W

Standard Control for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters - White

$61.99 Qty:
Rinnai MSA-2S
Rinnai REU-MSB-C1

Multi-Water Heater Expansion Accessory (Use w/ REU-MSB-M)

$43.99 Qty:
Rinnai MSA-2S
Rinnai REU-MSB-C2

Multi-Water Heater Expansion Accessory (Use w/ REU-MSB-M)

$45.99 Qty:
Rinnai MSA-2S
Rinnai REU-MSB-C3

Multi-Water Heater Expansion Accessory (Use w/ REU-MSB-M)

$32.99 Qty:
Rinnai MSA-2M Package
Rinnai REU-MSB-M

Multi-Water Heater Connection Kit

$108.99 Qty:
Honeywell AMX300TLF

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Kit with 8" Flex Connector - Lead Free

$129.99 Qty:
Rinnai MIVK-T-LW
Rinnai MIVK-T-LW

Lead Free Plumbing Installation Kit

$109.99 Qty:
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