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The Blueridge BMKH24CC1 has been discontinued.
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*IMPORTANT! This is an indoor air handler ONLY.  You must have a matching Blueridge outdoor condenser to complete a functioning system.*
Blueridge Ductless Mini-Split AC Highlights


Customer Rated


Easy to

Blueridge cuts out the middleman which means
lower price than competing brands

"Blueridge ductless mini-splits are exclusive to Alpine Home Air and are one of our most popular brands. These units are manufactured to our specifications by the largest, most reputable HVAC manufacturer in the world. Our customers love them. We receive rave reviews weekly because these products are a tremendous value, they are solidly-engineered, thoroughly tested, reliable and quiet.

Our customers order Blueridge because of the incredible value. Competing brands cost more for one reason: there's a long supply chain of middlemen before the product hits your door. For any other brand, you will pay a mark-up from the manufacturer to the master distributor to the local distributor to the retailer to you. With Blueridge, we cut out the middlemen and customers save thousands of dollars.
Mini-splits are an exciting new heating and cooling trend that is taking off in popularity in the US and Canada, the rest of the world has already been using this type of equipment for many years. These are surging in popularity because mini-splits are versatile, don't require ductwork, operate efficiently, are easy to install, and are very quiet. We know you will love our Blueridge mini-splits as much as we do. Please tell your friends and help us get the word out."
Andrew Arthurs
Alpine Home Air Products
CEO and Founder
Hear what our customers have to say about our best selling mini split!
Blueridge BMKH24CC1
  • High Efficiency Inverter Technology
  • Gold Fin condenser extends the operating life of your machine by protecting the product from corrosive effects of outside air
  • Intelligent sleep function that adjusts to your sleep pattern in order to maximaize your comfort and reduce energy costs
  • Built-in fan delay functionality
  • Air-Flow direction control
  • Intelligent defrost reduces energy loss and defrost time by only defrosting when needed
BMKH1218CC 1
24,000 BTU Ceiling Cassette Heat Pump Air Handler
*Does not include all required components for installation. See required components below in the accessories section to complete your system.
Our most popular mini split brand, Blueridge heats and cools your space at a much lower price than competing brands because we cut out the middleman by buying our products directly from a leading HVAC manufacturer. Don't be fooled by the compact design, Blueridge mini splits are extremely quiet and energy efficient. Their built in fan delay, air-flow direction control, and defrost features reduce energy loss saving you money on your utility bill.
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Ductless Mini-Split Basics Explained
Common Questions
  • Question:
    Who Makes Blueridge? I've never heard of them.
  • Answer:
    Blueridge products are made by one of the largest, most reputable HVAC equipment manufacturers in the world to Alpine Home Air's specifications, which is one of the reasons these products are so reliable.
  • Question:
    Why are they so inexpensive?
  • Answer:
    We buy direct from the manufacturer and cut out the middleman to reduce costs which means lower prices for you!
  • Question:
    Do these systems heat and cool?
  • Answer:
    Yes! These units both heat and cool. Depending on the model, these units can heat when outside temperatures drop as low as down to 5 degrees F. Please see the Ambient Temperature Range on the specifications section below for the units operating temperatures.
  • Question:
    How much square footage does this unit cover?
  • Answer:
    The answer varies depending on your space. Try our easy sizing calculator, it's a great place to start. If you have more sizing questions, we would love to help! Call one of our product specialists at 800-865-5931.
Installation View installation manual in the documents below for full instructions
Step 1 Mount

Indoor and outdoor units

Step 2 Connect

Line sets, drain line, and inter connective wires from the indoor unit(s) to the outdoor unit

Step 3 Electrical

Run a 220 volt power circuit from your main breaker to the outdoor disconnect. Then run the electrical whip from the disconnect to the outdoor unit

Step 4 Pro Start Up

We'll help you get an HVAC contractor who will pressure test the line sets, check for leaks, and release refrigerant. Click Here For Details

How to Install a Blueridge Ductless Mini-Split AC System
Customer Reviews
Cooling BTUs

Not sure what size you need? Feel free to use our easy Sizing Estimator.

Cooling BTUs
24000 BTU
Heating Capacity

The amount of heat, rated in BTUs that the item can produce.

Heating Capacity
24000 BTU

Inside air conditioning systems are liquid/gas refrigerant. There are two types of this refrigerant available for use, R-22 (more commonly known as Freon), and a newer alternative R-410A.

An air conditioning system does not consume refrigerant, but reuses it. As long as there are no leaks in the refrigerant circuit, there is no need to ever add more refrigerant to an air conditioning system.

Although R-22 is an effective refrigerant, if it is released into the atmosphere it can contribute to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. The EPA has mandated the phasing out the use of R-22. It is being replaced by R-410A.

As of 2010, manufacturers are required to make all new air conditioners with R-410A. However, R-22 is still available for sale in existing pre-2010-manufactured equipment, and for use in servicing existing R-22 equipment. By 2020, R-22 will no longer be manufactured, but will still be recycled and available for sale.

Line Set Connection Type

There are two main types of connections for HVAC products brazed and flared. Brazed connections are typically used in standard split systems, and flare connections are typically used on mini splits and can be connected using a wrench.

Line Set Connection Type
Liquid Line Connection Size

The outside diameter of the liquid line pipe (the inside diameter of the connection on the equipment).

Liquid Line Connection Size
3/8 Inches
Suction Line Connection Size

The outside diameter of the suction line (the inside diameter of the connection on the equipment).

Suction Line Connection Size
5/8 Inches
Indoor Air Handler Size, W x H x D
33 1/10 x 33 1/10 x 9 1/5 Inches
Sound Rating, Indoor

The noise produced by the unit rated in decibels. 30dbs is equivalent to a whisper, 60dbs is equivalent to a normal conversation, 90 dbs is equivalent to a lawn mower.

Sound Rating, Indoor
46 Decibels
Indoor Air Handler Weight
62 Lbs
Parts Warranty
1 Year
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