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Alpine AHEB20E (Item No. 622104)

19.6 Kilowatt (67,000 BTU) Electric Mobile Home Furnace, Multi-Speed Blower, Downflow Application

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This Alpine AHEB20E (Item No. 622104) has some cosmetic damage incurred during shipping. The front panel of the unit has a number of dents, mainly towards the bottom. There are also some medium sized dents on the bottom of the backside and the bottom of the right side. It has a subtle dent on the top of the backside. For detailed photos please click 'See Additional Images' above. This Alpine AHEB20E (Item No. 622104) meets the full manufacturer's specifications, comes with the full manufacturer's warranty, and includes Alpine's premium guarantee.

For product specs and photographs of product in its original condition, click here.

The Alpine series of downflow, electric mobile home furnaces, is made by Coleman and features long lasting nickel/chrome heat elements, a multi-speed blower, and a built in cabinet for easy addition of an air conditioning evaporator coil (click on the Accessories tab above for evaporator coils). It is great for installation in closets or alcoves, requiring no clearance on the top, sides or rear of the unit, and a small clearance for service on the front (24 inches in an alcove, and 0 – 6 inches, depending on your orientation of the return air, for closet installations). Because of its range of heating capacities, this furnace is a perfect match for the heating requirements of almost any manufactured home.


  • Nickel/chrome heating elements
  • Multi-speed blower
  • Built-in evaporator coil cabinet (coil sold separately)
  • Pre-painted white front panels provide a scratch resistant, attractive, easy to clean appliance finish
  • Universally sized throw-away filter cleans the air, and is easy to replace
  • 2 year parts warranty


Configuration is the direction the conditioned air will pass through the unit.

Upflow units will have the air come in from the bottom and blow out the top.

Horizontal units will have the air go through the unit left to right, or right to left.

Downflow units will have the air come in from the top of the unit, and blow out the bottom.

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Blower Cooling Capacity

The tonnage of air conditioning that can be moved effectively by the blower. You want to make sure that the blower is appropriately sized for the air conditioner. If it is too small the coil could ice up. If it is too large than the air coming out of the ducts won't be cold enough.

Blower Cooling Capacity
4 Tons
Maximum Heating Output BTU

The amount of heat, rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs), that the unit can deliver into the space. Not sure how many BTUs you need? Try our easy Equipment Sizing Estimator.

Maximum Heating Output BTU
67000 BTU
Blower Type

There are three main type of blowers: Multi-Speed, High-Efficiency Multi-Speed, and Variable Speed.

Standard Multi-Speed blowers have different speed options and you select the speed that the blower will operate at depending on the function it is performing (ex. different speeds for fan, AC, and heating functions).

High-Efficiency Multi-Speed blowers are designed to maintain a constant torque and in doing so will maintain air-flow and use less electricity.

Variable Speed blowers will adjust their speed during operation. The result is a blower that will run at lower speeds for longer periods of time (this improves the air flow and increases electrical efficiency).

Blower Type

The capacity, measured in kilowatts, of the heater coil. On average every 1kw of heater coil translates to 3,412 BTUs of heat.

Amperage Requirement (Circuit 1 / Circuit 2)

This is the amperage requirement for the electrical circuits. This will determine the size wire, the number of circuits to run, and the electrical panel breaker size required.

Amperage Requirement (Circuit 1 / Circuit 2)
60/50 amps
Fuel Type
Equipment Type
Mobile Home Furnace
Product Weight
84 lbs
19 1/2 Inches
24 Inches
51 1/2 Inches
240 Volts
Parts Warranty
2 Years
*Any accessories purchased with the Alpine AHEB20E (Item No. 622104), are eligible for free shipping.
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