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200 CFM TrueFRESH Heat Recovery Ventilation System

200 CFM TrueFRESH Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Model: Honeywell VNT5200H1000

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Model: Honeywell VNT5200H1000

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Your ventilation system ensures the exchange of stale air for fresh air, and your Honeywell ventilation system makes that air exchange efficiently, so you’ll enjoy fresh air while continuing to receive the benefits of energy efficiency.

Air introduced into the home through a quality ventilation system helps maintain positive pressure in the home to keep air fresher and cleaner. Ventilation also helps reduce carbon monoxide (CO) levels as well as lingering odors from smoke, food preparation, cleaning products and more.

Your air system works with your heating and cooling system to exchange stale indoor air for outside air at regular intervals, but it will also work independently to ensure that your family is breathing quality air. The independent operation is your assurance that the system is effectively maintaining the exchange of stale air for fresh air. So if your furnace or air conditioner isn’t running and your air system comes on, relax — it’s all part of normal system operation, even at night, ensuring improved comfort and indoor air quality 24-7.

The climate where you live will determine whether you need a Heat Recovery Ventilator or an Energy Recovery Ventilator. HRV's are usually recommended for colder climates with longer heating seasons. ERV's are used for warmer, more humid climates with long cooling seasons. Please see our helpful reference map to assist in selecting the right unit for you.

Standard Features

  • 2 operating modes (Intermittent and Continuous Ventilation) 
  • Variable speed 
  • Compact installation 
  • Sloped drain pan 
  • Backward inclined motor blades 
  • Permanent lubrication of PSC motors 
  • Door opens downward 
  • No obstruction around the drain pan 
  • Simple electronic control 
  • Easy access to the control connection box 
  • Detachable 6 inch diameter collar system 
  • Proportional defrost 
  • Speed control balancing system 
  • Simplified mounting system 
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the HRV core 
  • 10-year limited warranty on ventilation motors 
  • 5-year warranty on other parts


Defrost Type
Airflow Capacity
248 CFM
Air Flow
200 CFM
Minimum Air Flow
50 cfm
Maximum Static Pressure
1.0 WC
30 Watts
1.5 Amps
Maximum Temperature Recovery
72 %
Fan Speeds
Variable speed
Transfers Heat
Transfers Moisture
Apparent Sensible Effectiveness
0.71 %
Duct Connection Diameter
6 inches
Drain Connection (I.D.)
0.5 inch
Product Weight
50 lbs
Shipping Weight
65 lbs
Shipping Length
23.90 in
Shipping Width
16.20 in
Length Inches
29.5625 Inches
16.6 Inches
29.45 Inches
22.51 Inches
Static Pressure Inches of Water
0.4 in. wg
120 Volts
60 Hz
Voltage Phase

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