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High-Tech, Quiet Air Conditioners

The summer buzz of the neighbor's air conditioning unit lets everyone in the neighborhood know they are running their air conditioning. With high-tech, quiet air conditioners, the sound is reduced. With smart engineering, the units run smoothly and efficiently.

Most models with SEER ratings of 14 and above have Scroll compressors. The Scroll compressor's major moving parts travel in a circular pattern, instead of an up-and-down motion as with a standard reciprocating compressor. A similar comparison is to that of a jet engine versus a standard combustion engine. Because of this, scroll compressors are reported to have a longer life.

Most models with SEER ratings of 14/15 and 16 have Scroll compressors, as well as the following upgrades:

  • Slower fans – The fans run at a slower speed making them quieter. They also utilize four blades instead of three which moves more air at a slower speed.
  • Compressor Covers – The compressor has a sound dampening cover on it which makes the condensing unit run much quieter.