How to Install a Mini-Split in 4 Steps

How to Install a Mini-Split in 4 Steps

Thinking about installing a Blueridge ductless mini-split? Many of our customers choose to do the majority (90%) of the installation themselves and then hire a pro for the final start-up. Our DIY mini-splits allow customers to complete 100% of the installation on their own. 

In this article, Alpine’s HVAC experts explain the process of installing a mini-split system with wall-mounted air handler in four easy steps:

Step 1: Mounting a Ductless Mini-Split
1 Mount
  • Outside: Install the condenser on a pad or bracket and in a convenient location.
  • Inside: Attach the included mounting plate on the wall where you want to install the air handler.
  • Using a hole saw, drill through your wall at a slight downward angle, adjacent to the lower right-hand side of the mounting plate. Insert wall sleeve, if desired.
  • Hang the indoor unit on the mounting plate while running the refrigerant lines, wiring, and drain tubing through the hole to the outside.
Step 2: Connecting Line Sets
2 Connect
  • Using a torque wrench, secure the refrigerant lines to the connectors on the indoor unit and then the outdoor unit.
  • Connect the wiring between indoor and outdoor units. Make sure to match each color of wire to the corresponding terminal.
  • Discharge the condensate line away from the wall and to the outside.
Step 3: Electrical Work
3 Electrical

We recommend hiring an electrician for this portion of the job if you are not trained to work with high voltage electricity.

  • Turn off power at the breaker box.
  • Depending on your particular model, run 220- or 110-volt power from a dedicated circuit on your breaker panel to a disconnect box located near the outdoor unit. 
  • Install an electrical whip (weatherproof power wiring) connecting the disconnect box to the outdoor unit.
  • Turn the power back on at breaker box.
Step 4: Start Up
4 Start-Up
A. Conventional Mini-Split: Hire a Pro

Your HVAC contractor will:

  • Do a pressure test to check for leaks
  • Pull a vacuum on the refrigerant lines
  • Release the refrigerant from the condenser into the system
  • Add refrigerant if the refrigerant lines are longer than the factory precharge in the system
  • Startup and test the system
B. DIY Mini-Split: Self Start-Up
  • Release the refrigerant from the outdoor unit into the system using an Allen wrench.
  • Check for leaks: Use a spray bottle with soapy water where the line sets connect. 
    • If there are leaks, retighten the line set connections to the proper torque.
  • Turn on the system.
Mini-Split Installation Videos

Watch the installation of a conventional mini-split from start to finish:

Watch a DIY mini-split installation here:

*Note that in newer DIY models, the line set comes packaged with the condenser and must be attached to both inside and outside units.


We have answers! For more information about installing a Blueridge ductless mini-split, contact the HVAC experts at Alpine. We can help you find the best mini-split system for your space, budget, and particular needs. Here at Alpine, we’ve been making customers happy since 2002. We have thousands of 5-star reviews and an A+ rating from the BBB

Blueridge ductless mini-splits–Alpine’s exclusive brand–are made to our specifications by the world’s largest, most reputable HVAC manufacturer and have the highest online product ratings of all mini-split brands. When you purchase a Blueridge mini-split from Alpine, you get:

The exceptional Blueridge Ductless Mini-Split Warranty covers five years for parts and seven years for the compressor (heat pump). What’s more, Alpine’s in-house warranty processing means support or replacement parts are just a phone call away. But here’s where the Blueridge warranty really shines: while many mini-split brands warrant their product only when installed by a licensed contractor, Blueridge’s warranty covers the do-it-yourselfers as long as the unit has been installed correctly.

For more information, call or email us today!

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