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Alpine 7 Kilowatt Heater Coil (23,800 BTUs of Heat)

Alpine 7 Kilowatt Heater Coil (23,800 BTUs of Heat)

Model: Alpine AH-HKR-08C (Item No. 701894)

Actual product may vary from photos.

Model: Alpine AH-HKR-08C (Item No. 701894)

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The Alpine AH-HKR-08C (Item No. 701894) is no longer available for sale.
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This Alpine AH-HKR-08C 7 Kilowatt Heater Coil (23,800 BTUs of Heat) has some cosmetic damage incurred during shipping. This item has the plastic tabs that hold the circuit breaker are broken off. For detailed photos please click 'See Additional Images' above. This Alpine AH-HKR-08C 7 Kilowatt Heater Coil (23,800 BTUs of Heat) meets the full manufacturer's specifications, comes with the full manufacturer's warranty, and includes Alpine's premium guarantee.

For product specs and photographs of product in its original condition, click here.

The Alpine branded heater coils can be manufactured either by Goodman or by Warren. They are designed to install in and work perfectly with the Goodman models they are accessorized to. The amperage requirements for any heater coil can vary depending on what piece of equipment it is installed in so please review the documentation section for specific details. 

This 240 volt heater coil can be added to Goodman self contained or modular blower units to provide winter-time heating capabilities.

Produces 23,800 BTUs of heat.

Controlled by sequencers for optimum temperature balance. Completely assembled and tested. Built-in overcurrent protection on all units as indicated in electrical data chart (see spec sheet). Multiple branch circuit capability. High temperature limit controls for safe operation. Plug-in wiring harness for easy installation into air handlers. Rust-resistant nickel chromium heat elements.

If you are installing a heater coil in an air handler, line voltage is to be connected directly to the heater coil which will operate both the heater coil and air handler. A separate circuit for the air handler is not needed. If you are installing the heater coil in a packaged air conditioner or heat pump, another circuit in addition to the heater coil circuit(s) is still required to operate the packaged unit

Depending on the heater coil size being installed, one or two circuits to the heater coil will be necessary (see "Documents" below for quantity and amperage of circuits required for this heater coil.) At your home's circuit panel, individual 220 volt double-pole circuit breakers are required for each circuit.


System Information
Equipment Type
Heater Coil
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Stages of Heat
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Electrical Information
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60 Hz
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Voltage Phase
Maximum Overcurrent Protection (Single Circuit)
Multiple options - Please check documentation
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208 - 240 Volts
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Parts Warranty
5 Years
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