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Replacement Parts

  • Boiler System Components
    • These are components often used in a boiler system such as pressure relief valves, expansion tanks, backflow preventors, replacement circulator pumps and more.
  • Ignitors
    • Furnace hot surface ignitors are found on most modern furnaces to light the gas flames upon unit start-up. Electricity passes through the ignitor and makes it glow red hot. Operating under normal conditions a hot surface ignitor will last for 3 to 5 years. During that time ignitors will eventually crack and need to be replaced. Like a light bulb, they are a regular replacement item. Most ignitors are interchangeable as long as they fit in the furnace space provided.
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  • Replacement Blower Frames
    • Blower frames consist of a blower wheel and housing and are the part of a furnace or air handler that is spun by the blower motor to circulate the air through the equipment and home. This section of our website is for replacement blower frames which will fit for most brands of equipment. If your furnace or air handler blower wheel fails, is vibrating because it is out of balance, rusted, or the bearings are worn, you can replace such with these universal parts here.
  • Capacitors
    • Some motors use capacitors, which are an electrical component necessary for motor operation. Most of the direct-drive motors sold on our site require a capacitor, which needs to be purchased in addition to the motor. There are different sized capacitors for different motors. Capacitors are rated in MFD numbers (Microfareds). Each motor shows what MFD capacitor is required. First check the motor to see what MFD capacitor is required, then select here the correct MFD capacitor for your new motor.
  • Replacement Motor Mounts
    • These adjustable motor mounts allow you to adapt a replacement motor into a furnace or condenser where the lug mounts do not line up perfectly.
  • Miscellaneous Replacement Parts
    • Miscellaneous replacement parts.