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Replacement Blower Frames

Blower frames consist of a blower wheel and housing and are the part of a furnace or air handler that is spun by the blower motor to circulate the air through the equipment and home. This section of our website is for replacement blower frames which will fit for most brands of equipment. If your furnace or air handler blower wheel fails, is vibrating because it is out of balance, rusted, or the bearings are worn, you can replace such with these universal parts here. Simply measure the size of your blower framel and match with the corresponding size found here. Blower frames come it two types: direct drive and belt drive. Direct drive means the motor is mounted inside the blower housing and the motor shaft connects directly into the center of the blower wheel. Belt drive means the motor mounts on the outside of the blower housing, has a pulley on the motor shaft and a pulley on the blower wheel, and a belt to connect the two pulleys together. Which type you have can be easily determined by looking at your blower and making a visual assessment. Older furnaces typically are belt driven, and newer ones direct drive.