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Furnace Accessories

These accessories include external filter racks, downflow subbases, carbon monoxide detectors, concentric vent kits, furnace mounting blocks and more.
  • Downflow Subbases
    • A downflow subbase keeps a downflow furnace raised off of a combustible floor, which is a requirement for installation.
  • Equipment Supports
    • Furnace support blocks raise the equipment up to keep it away from water if the equipment is in a basement that is sometimes wet. Also, a different type of support can be used as vibration isolation dampers when installing equipment in an attic.
     Furnace Block - Front
  • Furnace Installation Kits
    Kitted accessories used in a typical gas furnace installation
  • Furnace LP Conversion Kits
    • All furnaces and boilers on our site are ready for use with natural gas. If you want to operate the furnace or boiler on Propane (LP), simply use a conversion kit here. 
  • Ignitors
    • Furnace hot surface ignitors are found on most modern furnaces to light the gas flames upon unit start-up. Electricity passes through the ignitor and makes it glow red hot. Operating under normal conditions a hot surface ignitor will last for 3 to 5 years. During that time ignitors will eventually crack and need to be replaced. Like a light bulb, they are a regular replacement item. Most ignitors are interchangeable as long as they fit in the furnace space provided.
    Product Image
  • Venting Accessories for High-Efficiency Furnaces
    • High-efficiency furnaces require PVC exhaust.  These items may make the installation of your new vent system easier.
  • Condensation Control
    • These products remove the water created or collected by heating and cooling equipment.
    Condensation Control Composite
  • External Filter Racks
    • Every forced air heating and air conditioning system requires a filter of some kind to protect the equipment.  These filter racks connect to the return end of the furnace or air handler, and hold the filter in place.
    Product Image
  • Furnace High Altitude Adapter Kits
    • These are high altitude kits for Goodman gas or LP furnaces.  They are typically required when the installation is above 7,000 feet or more.
    Furnace High Altitude Adapter Kits