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All-Electric Self-Contained Heat Pumps

About All-Electric Self-Contained Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a highly efficient method of heating your home when the outside temperature is above 25 degrees.  If you live in an area where the temperature regularly falls below 25 degrees, a secondary heat source such as a gas, oil or propane furnace, or electric resistance heat (heater coils) is required to keep your home warm on the coldest days.  Pairing the two heating systems together is called a two-stage heating system (or "hybrid" system), and is commonly done to achieve low operating costs.  We will gladly help you select the appropriate two-stage heating equipment for your home.

These fully self-contained heat pumps are pre-charged with refrigerant and ready to be used for rooftop or ground mount residential or light commercial applications. Package units are most commonly used for mobile homes or commercial properties. Your building’s air ducting connects to the unit’s side. Units operate on 220 volts with cooling capacities available from 2 to 5 tons.  Models include scroll compressors and high 13 SEER and 15 SEER energy ratings. 

These self-contained units are different from a split-system type of outdoor unit. (Split-systems have an indoor and outdoor piece of equipment which are connected together by piped lineset, and are the most common type of systems for homes.)

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