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Evaporator Coils

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About Evaporator Coils

An evaporator coil is the part of an air conditioning or heat pump system that becomes cold when the unit operates (or warm for a heat pump in winter). It is mounted in (or connected inline with) the ductwork of the home. When the system is on, air flows through the coil and the cold air (or warm air for a heat pump in winter) is distributed throughout the home.

Coils sold here are rated in sizes from 1.5 to 5 tons. What tonnage coil should you choose for your air conditioning or heat pump system? While it would make sense that a coil would be selected that has the same tonnage as the condenser or heat pump, it doesn't always work that way. Besides selecting based on tonnage, the efficiency rating (listed as "SEER") of the heat pump or condenser also effects which coil is used. So, to find the coil size that is recommended for any specific air conditioner or heat pump, we make it easy for you by listing the correct coils that work with that heat pump or condenser under the "Accessories" tab found on the top of the product page for that equipment. Or, simply call us and we will be glad to assist you.

Note: These coils are not recommended for use with oil furnaces, unless the coil's plastic drain pan is replaced with a field-fabricated metal one, or a Goodman high-temp pan specifically designed for such. The standard coil drain pan is rated for up to 300 F degrees. Oil furnaces may exceed that temperature.

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