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Whole-House Installed Air Cleaners

About Whole-House Installed Air Cleaners

Air filtration units mount between a furnace and the return air duct to capture airborne particles such as dust, pollen, bacteria, dander, spores, etc.. Some units are non-electric media and some have combined media and electric functionality, which perform even better. Performance is measured in terms of efficiency at trapping micron-sized particles. (A human hair is 100 microns in diameter.) Removing a higher percentage of contaminants from the air may reduce the incidence of associated illnesses and allergy symptoms.

Select an air cleaner with dimensions that most closely match your furnace's or air handler's dimensions where the air cleaner will be installed. Most air cleaners attach to a furnace's side, or air handler's bottom or top (depending which is the air inlet). Therefore, select an air cleaner with a length that does not exceed a furnace's depth, or air handler's air-inlet dimensions. (Viewing an upright furnace or air handler from the side, depth is considered the space from left to right.) View online spec sheets for dimensions of furnaces and air handlers sold here.

Your order will also include Alpine's exclusive installation video on DVD! Watch as a pro tackles the project from start to finish. You'll have all your questions answered as you see how easy it is to install yourself.

Also available is Alpine's Sheet Metal Transition Kit (AHA081). This kit allows you to adapt your existing return air plenum so you can fit in a new air cleaner, if you don't already have the space. Instructional video also shows you how to use the kit to make your air cleaner installation go smoothly.

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