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14,000 BTU Cooling (1.2 Ton), 12,000 BTU Heating (1 Ton), 9.9 EER, 3.5kW Heat Strip, PTAC KIT

14,000 BTU Cooling (1.2 Ton), 12,000 BTU Heating (1 Ton), 9.9 EER, 3.5kW Heat Strip, PTAC KIT

Model: Amana PTC153G35AXXX KIT

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Model: Amana PTC153G35AXXX KIT

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This Amana PTAC Kit includes all equipment and accessories needed for a typical PTAC installation. 


Kit Includes:

        Amana PTH 07      +     Product Image     +     Amana SGK01B grille      +   Product Image


        Amana PTC153G35AXXX                                  Amana WS900E                         Amana SGK01B                                              Amana DK900D     

            14,700 BTU PTAC Unit                                        Wall Sleeve                        Standard Outdoor Grille                               Condensate Drain Kit


From the beginning, every Amana brand product has been made with the same core philosophy: to provide our customers with high-quality products that are reliable, meet their needs, and last longer than the rest. And we keep that philosophy firmly in mind as we build our industry-leading Amana brand Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) and other heating and cooling products. Whether you are in the hotel/hospitality industry or provide assisted living services, Amana brand PTACs are designed to simplify your business with plain-and-simple product durability and advanced energy management features, while helping you to create the best environmental experience possible for your customer or your home.

Keeping these promises is top-priority through all stages of the production of Amana brand PTACs, from idea development through to finished product production. While we update the look of our Amana brand PTACs periodically, the components and internal assembly represent the result of a gradual evolution from the first Amana brand PTAC manufactured over 30 years ago. We focus on continual product improvement; the only new product concepts that make the cut are those that deliver valuable customer benefits.

When purchasing a PTAC unit be sure to match the power plug to the wall recepticle. View this plug chart which will show you what wall recepticle is required for the PTAC unit of your choice.





  • DigiSmart Control Board – Degree-by-degree temperature control and LED digital display make it easy to monitor the system settings
  • Quiet Fan Operation – New 9-blade condenser fan, and reconfiguration of copper refrigerant tubing results in the quietest Amana PTAC ever
  • Automatic Freeze Protection – If the unit senses the indoor temperature below 40 degrees, the fan motor and electric heat strip are turned on
  • 3-Minute Compressor Lockout – After the compressor cycles off, it will not restart for three minutes in order to prevent harm to the compressor
  • Automatic 2nd Stage Electric Heat (Heat Pump Only) – If the room temperature falls to 4 degrees below the set point temperature, the heat pump compressor is shut off and the electric heat strip is turned on
  • Rotary Compressor – Permanently mounted on rubber isolators to limit vibration noise



Amana PTAC DigiSmart                                              Amana HAC                                              

System Information
view information
view information
Built-In Heater Coil
3.5 kW
view information
Power Cord Included
view information
Energy Efficiency Ratio
9.9 EER
view information
PTAC Cooling BTUs
15000 BTU
view information
Total Cooling Capacity
1.21 Ton(s)
view information
Base Cooling Capacity
14000 BTU
view information
Nominal CFM
340 / 409 / 420
view information
Dehumidifying Capacity
4.4 Pints / Hour
view information
Electric Heater Capacity (BTUs)
12000 BTU
view information
Compressor Type
view information
Electric Heater Size
3.5 kilowatts
view information
Cooling Tonnage
1.2 Tons
Electrical Information
view information
Breaker Size
20 amps
1415 Watts
view information
60 Hz
view information
Voltage Phase
view information
view information
208 - 230 Volts
Product Dimensions
view information
Power Cord Length
58 Inches
view information
42 Inches
view information
21 1/2 Inches
view information
16 1/16 Inches
Product Weight
113 lbs
Shipping Weight
130 lbs
Important Measurements
view information
Cut-Out Dimensions, W x H
42 1/4 x 16 1/4 inches
1 years
view information
Parts Warranty
5 Years
view information
Sealed System Warranty
5 Years
California Approved PTAC
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