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11,900 BTU (1 Ton) Cooling, Electric Heating, 11.8 EER PTAC, R-410A Refrigerant, 208/230V

11,900 BTU (1 Ton) Cooling, Electric Heating, 11.8 EER PTAC, R-410A Refrigerant, 208/230V

Model: GE AZ45E12DAB


Zoneline® Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners provide year-round comfort with individual heating and cooling temperature controls. Zoneline units are extremely quiet and designed to fit a wide range of applications, making them the ideal choice for hotels and motels, office buildings and apartments.

In 1961, the GE Zoneline PTAC began making its way into hotels and motels across the country, changing the face of comfort on the road. Now, over 50 years later, GE Zoneline has been reinvented in Louisville, Kentucky, to meet the changing needs of America’s hotel industry. The newest GE Zoneline PTACs are engineered to be more reliable, efficient, quieter and incredibly easy to install and maintain. 

Zoneline units are designed with innovative, universal components, and offer even greater installation flexibility than ever, whether in new construction, renovation or for replacement of old units. Unless specified by code, they require no sub-base and may be installed flush with finished floor. All models are adaptable to remote and central desk control. Zoneline units may even be placed in unusual locations, such as transom or common-area installations.

Note: GE Zoneline Air Conditioners do not come with power cords.  A GE RAK Series Power Cord is a required accessory when purchasing this product.  The choice of the power cord determines the amount of electric resistive heat.  

Power cords available for this unit:

RAK315P (15 Amp 8100/6600 BTU) 

RAK320P (20 Amp 11500/9400 BTU) 

RAK330P (30 Amp 16300/13400 BTU) 

Please see the manufacturers specification sheet for more info on power cord selection.

When purchasing a PTAC unit be sure to match the power plug to the wall recepticle.  View this plug chart which will show you what wall recepticle is required for the PTAC unit of your choice. Also, a wall sleeve and grille are required for new installations and can be purchased as Accessories.


Standard Features:

  • Uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Two fan motors lower sound levels and increase efficiency
  • Cross-flow blower which circulates the air with less noise than traditional fans
  • Electronic touch controls with clear LED readout provide a user-friendly experience
  • Compatible with a wide variety of thermostats and energy management systems, including central desk control
  • Freeze Sentinal™ protects against damage caused by freezing temperatures in unoccupied rooms
  • Heat Sentinal™ protects against over-heating should the temperature of an unoccupied room reach 85°F
  • Upfront filters made of nylon mesh for ease of cleaning
  • Temperature limiting to prevent expensive over-cooling or over-heating
  • Integrated structural components for easy maintenance and support. 
  • Full one-year warranty parts and labor; second through fifth year parts and labor on sealed refrigeration system, second through fifth year limited parts warranty
System Information
view information
view information
Built-In Heater Coil
4.8 kW
view information
Power Cord Included
Not Included - Purchase Separately
view information
Energy Efficiency Ratio
11.8 EER
view information
Airflow Capacity
449 / 300 CFM
view information
Total Cooling Capacity
1 Ton(s)
view information
Base Cooling Capacity
11900 BTU
view information
Nominal CFM
view information
Dehumidifying Capacity
3.6 Pints / Hour
view information
Electric Heater Capacity (BTUs)
11600 / 16300 / 8100 BTU
view information
Compressor Type
view information
Electric Heater Size
2.4 / 3.4 / 4.8 kilowatts
Electrical Information
view information
Breaker Size
15-30 amps
2430 / 3450 / 4860 Watts
view information
60 Hz
view information
Voltage Phase
view information
6-15P or 6-20P or 6-30P
view information
208 - 230 Volts
Product Dimensions
view information
Power Cord Length
72 Inches
view information
42 Inches
view information
20 13/16 Inches
view information
16 Inches
Product Weight
110 lbs
Shipping Weight
113 lbs
Important Measurements
view information
Cut-Out Dimensions, W x H
42 1/4 x 16 1/4 inches
view information
Parts Warranty
1 Years
view information
Sealed System Warranty
5 Years
view information
Labor Warranty
1 Years
California Approved PTAC
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