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Outdoor Line Set Cover Kit, 6" x 3" - For Basement-Installed System

Outdoor Line Set Cover Kit, 6" x 3" - For Basement-Installed System

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Model: DiversiTech DSCP-16

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Model: DiversiTech DSCP-16

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Want to cover up the line set outside your home so it blends in with your home's exterior?  These line set covers snap together to hide the line set pipes and keep your home looking tidy.

This kit includes commonly used line set cover pieces for when your furnace or air handler is installed in a basement.  The diameter of these pieces measure 6" x 3".

DiversiTech SpeediChannel™ is an innovative channel system used to cover air conditioning line sets. The two part system has a base and a cover. The base is fastened to a wall or ceiling, then a plastic clip (SpeediClip™) snaps into a channel already molded into the base. Using standard cable ties ran through the SpeediClips™, the line set, cables, control wires and / or condensate drain line are fastened in place. The cover then simply snaps on top of the base.

The SpeediChannel™ system is manufactured from rigid PVC, available in 3", 4" and 6" widths, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each piece of SpeediChannel™ is 6 1/2 feet long, and a complete line of couplings, elbows and tees are available. These line set covers can also be painted to match any wall color.

Included Products:

Line Set Cover Size
6”W x 3”D (three linesets) inches