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3.5 to 4 Ton, 21" Wide, Variable Speed Modular Blower w/ ComfortBridge Technology

3.5 to 4 Ton, 21" Wide, Variable Speed Modular Blower w/ ComfortBridge Technology

Model: Direct Comfort DC-MBVC1601AA-1

Model: Direct Comfort DC-MBVC1601AA-1

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The Direct Comfort by Goodman® brand DC-MBVC modular blowers are tailor-made for exceptional energy efficiency. Now fully compatible with the ComfortBridge line of communicating equipment, these two-piece blowers increase both installation and application flexibility. Units can be matched with cased coils for upflow, downflow, and horizontal applications.

Standard Features

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • DC-MBR is a multi-speed blower — motor speed is easily changed
  • DC-MBVC has a variable-speed ECM™ blower motor
  • DC-MBVC is compatible with the ComfortBridge Communicating System family of products
  • Cooling or heat pump applications: upflow, downflow, and horizontal applications
  • DC-MBR control board includes a fan delay in the cooling mode and is isolated from the air stream
  • DC-CAPF/DC-CHPF coils are equipped with a check flowrater
  • ARI Certified
  • ETL Certified

Cabinet Features

  • Cabinet constructed from formed, painted galvanized steel
  • Cabinet blower section can be used as an electric furnace
  • Cabinets intended to be used with cased evaporator coil (DC-CAPF/DC-CHPF) and condensing unit or heat pump
  • Foil-faced insulation is glued in place and covers the entire blower case to reduce operating sound and cabinet condensation
  • Bottom flanges formed inwardly for additional strength and to provide a good mounting surface for a cased-coil section to form a two-piece blower coil


This unit does not include a heat strip.  If you would like to add heating capabilities, see the accessories tab for the appropriate heater coil.

Also Consider
Downflow / Horizontal / Upflow
Blower Cooling Capacity
3.5 / 4 Tons
CFM (Low/High)
(1000/1600) CFM
Electric Heat Capabilities (Optional)
10 / 15 / 3 / 5 / 8 Kilowatts
Blower Type
Variable Speed
Maximum Overcurrent Protection (Breaker)
15 Amps
Fuel Type
Blower Motor Horse Power
3/4 HP
Blower Diameter
10 inches
Blower Width
8 inches
Supply Air Opening Size
20 1/16 x 11 1/4 Inches
Cabinet/Chassis Size
Product Weight
80 lbs
Shipping Weight
80 lbs
21 Inches
21 Inches
30 Inches
208 / 230 Volts
Voltage Phase
Limited Warranty
10 Years

Enjoy free shipping on any accessories purchased with the Direct Comfort DC-MBVC1601AA-1.

Required Components for Installation

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Alpine 15 Kilowatt Heater Coil (51,500 BTUs of Heat)
Alpine AH-HKR-05C
Alpine 5 Kilowatt Heater Coil (16,200 BTUs of Heat)
Alpine AH-HKR-08C
Alpine 7 Kilowatt Heater Coil (23,800 BTUs of Heat)
Alpine AH-HKR-10C
Alpine 10 Kilowatt Heater Coil (34,100 BTUs of Heat)
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