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The Goodman GSZ130361 has been discontinued
Goodman GSZ14 Series 0
Goodman GSZ140361

3 Ton, 14 to 15 SEER Heat Pump, R-410A Refrigerant

This is an overstock deal.  We MUST liquidate these products by June 30th.  Heat pumps typically never sell at prices this low.  This is a unique, one-time offer where these are priced lower than straight cooling condensers.  Heat pumps are superior to straight cooling.  The system can run in reverse and offer a very low-cost heating option in addition to cooling.  They can be installed with gas furnaces and offer this less expensive electric heat in winter as part of a dual-fuel system.  They cool just as effectively and efficiently in summer, but have this additional technology.  These products must be registered with Goodman by June 30th, 2016 due to the Department of Energy changes taking effect.

The Goodman® GSZ13 heat pump is available for a limited time!  These units are available at a crazy low price.   This is a fantastic product that will perform reliably and efficienly for decades! Purchase this brand new unit at an amazing price before they are gone forever!

The Goodman® GSZ13 heat pump uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A and features operating sound levels that are among the best in the heating and air conditioning industry. R-410A is chlorine-free to help prevent damage to the ozone layer. With its 13 SEER rating, the GSZ13 will help reduce energy consumption throughout the life of the system.

This heat pump requires an indoor air handler or evaporator coil as part of a complete system. What tonnage coil or air handler should you use? It depends on two factors about the heat pump: 1) the tonnage, and 2) the efficiency rating (listed as "SEER"). Usually, high efficiency heat pumps are required to use a larger tonnage coil than the tonnage of the heat pump. (For example, a 2 ton heat pump might be paired with a 3 ton or 3.5 ton evaporator coil.) To find the specific coils or air handlers that are recommended by the manufacturer for this heat pump, please click on the Accessories tab above. (Also, you can view the manufacturer's specifications sheets at the Documents tab above).

Some models of the Goodman heat pumps include an orifice (also called "flow rater" or "piston") in a small bag taped to the side of the heat pump. If the heat pump you purchase includes this orifice, you will need to replace the orifice already inside the Goodman evaporator coil or air handler you purchase with this orifice included with the heat pump. Doing so makes the heat pump and evaporator coil compatible. You can view this step-by-step guide to see how to easily change the orifice.

If you are installing a heat pump with a backup heat source which will be a fuel furnace , you will need to install an electronic all fuel kit.  This kit switches between the two heat sources as needed and prevents both the heat pump and backup heat from running at the same time. Alternatively, you can install the Honeywell VisionPro 8000 (TH8320U 1008) thermostat which has the all-fuel kit functionality built into it already, in which case an external all-fuel kit would not be needed.

Need help putting a complete heat pump system together? Use our easy System Selector and we’ll do it for you!

Please note that this heat pump equipment comes pre-charged with R-410A liquid refrigerant and by Federal law cannot be released to the atmosphere. Yes, you can purchase this equipment without being EPA certified. And, if you are mechanically inclined you may perform about 90% of the equipment installation yourself. However, we strongly recommend to have a professional heating/cooling contractor do the final part of the installation including managing the refrigerant. An HVAC contractor has the tools and know-how to do this work. Also, having a contractor perform the final startup and inspection of this heat pump validates your warranty with Alpine.

Heat Pump's Standard Features

  • R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Energy-efficient scroll compressor
  • Low-pressure switch
  • 850 RPM condenser fan motor
  • Liquid refrigerant return protection
  • Factory-installed liquid line filter dryer
  • Factory-installed, bi-flow liquid line filter dryer
  • Service valves with sweat connections and easy-access gauge ports
  • Copper tube/enhanced aluminum fin coil
  • Reliable time-initiated, temperature terminated defrost control
  • Contactor with lug connection
  • Ground lug connection
  • ARI Certified; ETL Listed

Cabinet Features

  • Unique Goodman® sound control top design
  • Steel louver coil guard
  • Heavy-gauge, galvanized-steel cabinet
  • Attractive Architectural Gray powder-paint finish with 500- hour salt-spray
  • Top and side maintenance access
  • Service ports and controls are accessible while unit is operating
  • When properly anchored, meets the 2001 Florida Building Code unit integrity requirements for hurricane-type winds

Air Handler and Coil Compatibilities

  • Goodman ARPF, ARPT, ADPF, ARUF, AEPF, AEPT — versatile upflow, horizontal or downflow air handlers; may be located in closets, utility rooms, attics, or basements
  • AWB and AWUF vertical wall-mounted electric heat air handlers
  • Goodman AC and ACNF ceiling-mounted electric heat air handlers
  • Goodman MBR/MBE modular blower
  • Goodman CA, CH and CSCF indoor coils Accessories
  • Standard room thermostat with 1-stage cool/1-stage heat
  • Digital room thermostat with 1-stage cool/1-stage heat
  • Outdoor thermostat (OT18-60A)
  • High- and low-pressure switch kit (HLPK-01)
  • Low-pressure switch kit (LPS-01)
  • Low ambient kit (LA-01)

Cooling Capacity

Not sure what size you need? Feel free to use our easy sizing calculator.

Cooling Capacity
35000 BTU
Cooling Capacity

Not sure what size you need? Feel free to watch an informational video and use our easy sizing calculator.

Cooling Capacity
3 Tons
Maximum Heating Output BTU

The amount of heat, rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs), that the unit can deliver into the space. Not sure how many BTUs you need? Try our easy Equipment Sizing Estimator.

Maximum Heating Output BTU
34000 BTU

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a measure of cooling over an entire season. It is determined by comparing the amount of cooling produced in BTUs in relation to the amount of electricity used. A higher SEER means a system is more energy efficient and would provide comfort at a lower utility cost than a lower SEER system.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

A measure of heat pump efficiency while in a heating mode. The higher the number the better the energy efficiency.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
8.2 HSPF

Inside air conditioning systems are liquid/gas refrigerant. There are two types of this refrigerant available for use, R-22 (more commonly known as Freon), and a newer alternative R-410A.

An air conditioning system does not consume refrigerant, but reuses it. As long as there are no leaks in the refrigerant circuit, there is no need to ever add more refrigerant to an air conditioning system.

Although R-22 is an effective refrigerant, if it is released into the atmosphere it can contribute to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. The EPA has mandated the phasing out the use of R-22. It is being replaced by R-410A.

As of 2010, manufacturers are required to make all new air conditioners with R-410A. However, R-22 is still available for sale in existing pre-2010-manufactured equipment, and for use in servicing existing R-22 equipment. By 2020, R-22 will no longer be manufactured, but will still be recycled and available for sale.

Maximum Overcurrent Protection (Breaker)

The maximum capacity breaker in the building's circuit panel that can be used on the dedicated electrical line supplying the equipment.

Maximum Overcurrent Protection (Breaker)
35 Amps
Compressor Type

Reciprocating compressors use a piston to compress the refrigerant.

Rotary compressors utilize a roller rotating eccentrically inside a cylinder and a spring mounted blade always rubbing against the roller. As the eccentric rotates towards the blade, the space is decreased and the refrigerant is compressed. Rotary compressors are very efficient.

Scroll compressors consists of 2 scrolls to pressurize refrigerant. Often 1 scroll is fixed and the other orbits eccentrically compressing the gas between the scrolls. Scroll compressors are quiet, smooth and offer highest efficiency ratio of all compressor types.

Scroll Ultratech™ compressors are advanced scroll compressors which offer more features and better diagnostics.

Compressor Type
Scroll UltraTech™
Low Pressure Safety Switch

A safety switch, that when/if the pressure in the system gets too low, it will turn off the equipment to avoid damaging it.

Low Pressure Safety Switch
Liquid Line Connection Size

The outside diameter of the liquid line pipe (the inside diameter of the connection on the equipment).

Liquid Line Connection Size
3/8 Inches
Suction Line Connection Size

The outside diameter of the suction line (the inside diameter of the connection on the equipment).

Suction Line Connection Size
3/4 Inches
TXV Required

A TXV is an inline metering device used to regulate the amount of refrigerant entering the evaporator coil. They are frequently used in high efficiency systems.

TXV Required
Noise Level

The noise produced by the unit rated in decibels. 30dbs is equivalent to a whisper, 60dbs is equivalent to a normal conversation, 90 dbs is equivalent to a lawn mower.

Noise Level
74 Decibels
Pad Size
30x30 Inches
Shipping Weight
232 lbs
29 Inches
29 Inches
32 1/4 Inches
208 / 230 Volts
60 Hz
Voltage Phase
Compressor Warranty
10 Years With Online Registration
Parts Warranty
10 Year
*Any accessories purchased with the Goodman GSZ130361, are eligible for free shipping.
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Pro 4000 Heat Pump Only Programmable Thermostat - Two Stage Heat One Stage Cool

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DiversiTech EDS-60U
Alpine AG-DCT

Safety Non-Fused Electrical Disconnect

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Electrical Whip 4
Alpine AG-WHP10

1/2 x 48 Inches, #10 Gauge Electrical Whip

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Goodman CAPF3642C6

3 to 3.5 Ton, W 21 x H 22 x D 21, Painted Cased Evaporator Coil

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3 to 3.5 Ton, W 20 x H 19 x D 20 1/8, Uncased Evaporator Coil

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3 to 3.5 Ton, W 23 X H 19 7/8 X D 20 1/8, Uncased Evaporator Coil

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3 Ton, W 21 1/8 x H 17 1/2 x D 26, Horizontal Cased Evaporator Coil

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Goodman CHPF 3
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3 to 3.5 Ton, W 21 1/8 x H 21 x D 26, Horizontal Cased Evaporator Coil

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Goodman CHPF 3
Goodman CHPF3642D6

3 to 3.5 Ton, W 21 1/8 x H 24 1/2 x D 26, Horizontal Cased Evaporator Coil

$359.00 Qty:
Goodman CSCF 4
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3 to 3.5 Ton, W 39 1/2 x H 25 x D 12, Horizontal Slab Evaporator Coil

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Rectorsesal TO5
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Kickstart® Hard Start Device

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Goodman AFE18-60 All-Fuel Kit
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Electronic All Fuel Kit

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Outdoor Thermostat- Front Angle
Goodman OT18-60A

Outdoor Heat Pump Stat

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Alpine AH1854S4A

2.5 to 4 Ton, W 18 X H 18 1/2 X D 19 5/8, Uncased Mobile Home Evaporator Coil, R-410A Refrigerant

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Goodman MBR1200AA-1

2.5 to 3 Ton, 17.5" Wide, Multi-Speed Modular Blower

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A/C Condensing Pad Front View
Alpine AG-PAD30

30" x 30" x 2" UV Resistant Plastic Condensing Unit Pad

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DiversiTech HP3636-8
DiversiTech HP3636-8

36" x 36" x 8" Heat Pump Pad

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DiversiTech HPR-6
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(4-Pack) 6" Heat Pump Risers

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Line Set 1
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25 foot 3/4 SL 3/8 LL Line Set

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35 foot 7/8 SL 3/8 LL Line Set

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Line Set 1
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50 foot 7/8 SL 3/8 LL Line Set

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2 To 3 Ton TXV Kit - R-410A Refrigerant

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Fieldpiece Instruments SPK1
Fieldpiece Instruments SPK1

Digital Thermometer

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Goodman MBVC Front
Goodman MBVC1200AA-1

1.5 to 3 Ton, 17.5" Wide, Variable Speed Modular Blower

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