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18,000 BTU (1.5 Ton) 20.5 SEER / 20.5 SEER2 - M4 SERIES - HYPER HEAT Two Zone Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump System - Wi-Fi Capable

18,000 BTU (1.5 Ton) 20.5 SEER / 20.5 SEER2 - M4 SERIES - HYPER HEAT Two Zone Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump System - Wi-Fi Capable

Model: Blueridge BMM18HH21-6W-9W

Top Rated: Hightest Rating of Any Mini-Split Brand
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Model: Blueridge BMM18HH21-6W-9W

Provides heating and cooling

Whisper quiet indoors and outdoors

Sips electricity for low utility costs

Simple installation + friendly tech support available

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Heat or Cool Any Space,
Simply and Affordably
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What is a Blueridge Ductless System?
It's a better way to heat and cool any space without the need for ductwork. Includes an outdoor heat pump condenser and 1 to 5 indoor air handlers. It's inexpensive to own and operate, easier to install and whisper quiet.
Homeowners and contractors love Blueridge ductless mini-splits. If you own a home, you will want one.
Midea Wall Mount
Blueridge mini-splits are a high quality, energy efficient and inexpensive option for cooling and heating many types of spaces without ductwork.
Blueridge mini-splits compare favorably to well-known brands at a fraction of the price. They have the highest online product ratings of all mini-split brands. Their affordability, ease of installation, and high quality make them a favorite among contractors and homeowners.
WiFi Control
WiFi Control
Included remote with features like Quiet Mode, Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode and Timer. Use app with smartphone or tablet to control the system from wherever you are.
Both the indoor and outdoor units operate so quietly you may not be aware they are running. You will just be aware that you are comfortable.
The great value extends beyond the low purchase price of these units. You will be pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive they are to operate.
Lower your utility bills with inverter technology, by using less electricity and no fossil fuels to accomplish your heating and cooling needs. This is intelligent equipment for a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle.
Because there is no ductwork, this is a solution for all kinds of hard-to-fit applications. Any room or space can be transformed into a place for you and others to enjoy for years to come.
Simple Installation
Simple Installation
If you're handy, you can accomplish 90% of the installation yourself by following the simple directions and watching our helpful video. Bring in a professional to finish the job and you're set.
Heat or Cool Any Type of Space:
Entire homes
Bonus rooms
Hotel rooms
Small businesses
Tiny homes
Coffee shops
Pool houses
Man caves
Retreat spaces
Sun rooms
Enclosed porches
Mother-in-law apartments
Many more applications
Blueridge Ductless Mini-Split AC Highlights
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Blueridge Mini-Splits also Provide Heat!
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Great customer reviews
Great Product!
Cleveland, GA
This is an outstanding product at a reasonable price.
Birmingham AL
Great mini-split system!
New Bern, NC
Installed easily and works very quietly.
Palm Desert, CA
Excellent! Works great.
Jefferson, GA
I would buy it again.
Johns Creek, GA
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Blueridge BMM9WM Unit Type:
Wall Unit
Wall mounted units mount high on a vertical wall. The connective hoses and condensation go through the wall to the outside behind the unit. These are the most popular design due to the ease of installation and low cost.
Wall Unit
Step 1
Once you have received the product, mount the indoor and outdoor units to your desired resting location.
Step 2
Next, run the line sets, drain line, and electrical wires from the indoor unit(s) to the outdoor unit.
Step 3
Run a 220 volt power circuit from your main breaker to the outdoor disconnect. Then run the electrical whip from the disconnect to the outdoor unit.
Pro Start Up
Step 4
Pro Start Up
We'll help you get an HVAC contractor who will pressure test the line sets, check for leaks, and release refrigerant. Click Here For Details
How to Install a Blueridge Ductless Mini-Split AC System
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View installation manual for complete instructions
Andrew Arthurs
CEO and Founder
Andrew Arthurs
Alpine Home Air Products
Blueridge ductless mini-splits are exclusive to Alpine Home Air and are one of our most popular brands. These units are manufactured to our specifications by the largest, most reputable HVAC manufacturer in the world.
Our customers love them! We receive rave reviews because these products are solidly-engineered, thoroughly tested, reliable, and quiet. Our customers order Blueridge because of the incredible value and savings. Competing brands cost more for one reason: a long supply chain raising the price before the product hits your door. With Blueridge, we buy directly from the manufacturer and our customers save thousands of dollars. Long established throughout the rest of the world, mini-splits are quickly gaining popularity across America. The ease of installation, versatility, and savings cannot be matched. We know you will love our Blueridge mini-splits as much as we do. Please tell your friends and help us get the word out.
Blueridge BMM18HH21-6W-9W
Standard Features
Convenient remote control enables unique temperatures to be set per zone.
High-efficiency inverter technology allows for even cooling and heating while reducing energy costs.
Gold fin condenser coil coating extends the life of your system by protecting it from corrosion.
Intelligent sleep function adjusts to your sleep pattern in order to maximize your comfort and reduce energy costs. User controls direct air flow.
Intelligent defrost reduces energy and defrost time by only defrosting when needed.
This System Includes*
Blueridge BMM18HHC
18,000 BTU Two Zone Hyper Heat Ductless Mini Split Outdoor Condenser
Blueridge BMM9WM
9,000 BTU Wall Mounted Ductless Air Handler (1/4 LL 3/8 SL)
Blueridge BMM6WM
6,000 BTU Wall Mounted Ductless Air Handler (1/4 LL 3/8 SL)
Blueridge 17317000A63536
Remote controller
*NOTE: Does not include all required components for installation. See required components below in the accessories section to complete your system.
WIFI adapter 453076087
Optional: WiFi Adapter for Blueridge BM Series Wall Mount and Low Wall Air Handlers
To add this item to your system, please view accessories section below.
System Information
view information
view information
Factory Precharge
49 Feet
view information
Indoor Air Handler Type(s)
Wall Mount
view information
Indoor Unit(s) Capacity
6,000 + 9,000 BTU
view information
Multi Zone Mini-Split Series
M4 Series: Hyper Heat
view information
view information
WIFI (2.4GHz)
Yes (With Adapter)
view information
Coefficient of Performance (at 47 F)
3.57 COP
view information
Coefficient of Performance at 5° F
view information
Energy Efficiency Ratio
12.5 EER
view information
Energy Efficiency Ratio 2
12.5 EER2
view information
20.5 SEER
view information
20.5 SEER2
view information
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
9.7 HSPF
view information
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor 2
9.0 HSPF2
view information
Ambient Temperature Range (Cooling)
122 / 5 °F
view information
Ambient Temperature Range (Heating)
-22 / 75 °F
view information
Low Ambient Cooling
view information
Base Heating Capacity
20000 BTU
view information
Total Cooling Capacity
1.5 Ton(s)
view information
Maximum Heating Capacity
25000 BTU
view information
Base Cooling Capacity
19000 BTU
view information
Lowest Ambient Temperature (Heating)
-22 °F
view information
Maximum Cooling Capacity
22600 BTU
view information
Compressor Type
view information
Sound Rating, Indoor
20.5 / 23.5 / 33 / 35 / 38.5 / 40 Decibels
view information
Sound Rating, Outdoor
61 Decibels
Electrical Information
view information
60 Hz
view information
Voltage Phase
view information
Minimum Ampacity
20 Amps
view information
Maximum Fuse/Breaker
25 Amps
view information
208 - 230 Volts
Line Set Information
view information
Maximum Line Length per Zone
82.02 Feet
view information
Maximum Height Difference
49 Feet
view information
Maximum Line Length all Zones
131.23 Feet
view information
Liquid Line Size (OD)
(2) 1/4 Inches
view information
Suction Line Size (OD)
(2) 3/8 Inches
view information
Line Set Connection Type
Product Dimensions
view information
Indoor Air Handler Size, W x H x D
Multiple Sizes - See Documentation Inches
view information
Outdoor Condenser Size, W x H x D
37.24 x 31.89 x 16.14 Inches
Indoor Air Handler Weight
Multiple Weights - See Documentation Lbs
Outdoor Condenser Weight
138.23 Lbs
view information
Footprint Mounting Holes (W x D)
26.5 x 15.87 Inches
view information
Compressor Warranty
7 Years
view information
Parts Warranty
5 Years
view information
view information
Qualifies for Govt. Money
South US: Up to $2,000
view information
Approved for US Region(s)
North / Southeast / Southwest
view information
view information
ENERGY STAR® Certified
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