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Split-System Installation Supplies & Components

These are the components needed to install a split-system heat pump or central air conditioner besides the main outside equipment. If you will not be using a forced air furnace for the inside portion of the split-system, in addition to the main outside equipment and some of the components below, you will also need an indoor air handler. Need help picking out all the right equipment and components? We make it easy for you with our online System Selector.
  • Evaporator Coils
    Select if:
    • You are adding or replacing a split-system heat pump or central air conditioner.
    • An evaporator coil is the part of a heat pump or air conditioning system that becomes cold when the unit operates (or warm for a heat pump in winter).  It is mounted in (or connected inline with) the ductwork of the home.  When the system is on, air flows through the coil and the cold air (or warm air for a heat pump in winter) is distributed throughout the home.
  • AC Installation Supplies
    • Our supplies packages make your air conditioning or heat pump installation easy! They include nearly all the miscellaneous materials needed for the job. If you are using an uncased evaporator coil, you will choose a supplies package that also contains pre-fabricated sheet metal for a fast and easy coil installation. All supplies packages include our exclusive 1 hour installation instructional video that clearly shows you how to install your own air conditioning system successfully.
  • Refrigerant Line Sets
    • Line sets consist of two semi-flexible copper pipes to connect the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump to the indoor evaporator coil. The smaller pipe is called the liquid line. The larger pipe is referred to as the suction line, and includes insulation. Line sets come in several lengths and are designed to be cut to fit your exact need.
    • We offer line sets for both standard central air conditioning systems and heat pumps, as well as mini-split systems. Mini-split line sets can be used with any brand of mini-split equipment.
  • Refrigerant Regulators
    • All air conditioning systems have one of two types of devices to regulate the liquid refrigerant as it passes into a gas: an orifice (also called piston or flowrater) or a more advanced device, a thermostatic expansion valve.
    • If you are installing a new Goodman evaporator coil and need to change the tonnage capacity of it to match the outdoor equipment you will need a new orifice.
    • If you are installing a high efficiency heat pump or air conditioner, or would like to increase the efficiency of an air conditioning system, you will need to purchase a TXV.
    Refrigerant Regulators Composite
  • Outdoor Pads & Brackets
    • Pads are a base for the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump unit to sit on. They are made of 2 inch thick plastic and are very rigid. The plastic has ultraviolet inhibitors in it so it will not break down in sunlight.
    • Brackets are for mounting the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump off of the ground against a vertical wall.  They are made of heavy duty engineered steel with a powder coated finish.
  • Condensation Control
    • These products remove the water created or collected by heating and cooling equipment.
    Condensation Control Composite
  • Air Conditioning Electrical Accessories
    • These products include items required for installation, including a safety shut-off switch for outdoors and outdoor weather-proof wire whips. Also, some products for servicing AC systems are found here.
  • Air Conditioning System Protectors
    • Liquid line and suction line filter-driers are often referred to as System Protectors because they remove harmful elements from the circulating refrigerant before serious damage results.
    • Keeping the system clean and free of foreign contaminants that can restrict the operation of valves, block capillary tubes or damage compressors is the best way to assure trouble-free operation. These contaminants can be solids, such as metal filings, flux, dust and dirt. Other equally menacing contaminants are solubles, such as acid, water, resins and wax.
    • No matter how many precautions are taken during assembly and installation or servicing of a system, contaminants can find a way into the system. Filter-driers are designed to protect a system during operation. It is the function of this all-important unit to remove those residual elements that can attack and eventually destroy the system components.
    Air Conditioning System Protectors
  • Outdoor Line Set Covers
    • Want to cover up the line set outside your home so it blends in with your home's exterior? These line set covers snap together to hide the line set and keep your home looking tidy.
     Diversitech 230-WS2