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2.5 Ton, 15.2 SEER2 Heat Pump, R-410A Refrigerant

Model: Goodman GSZH503010

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Model: Goodman GSZH503010

Provides high efficiency heating and cooling

Sturdy design for long term durability

Built for simple installation and easy maintenance

Peace of mind with 10 year warranty (with registration)


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The Goodman 15.2 SEER2 GSZH5 Heat Pump is a highly efficient heat pump designed to the 2023 and beyond SEER2 standards. This unit will help reduce energy consumption throughout the life of the system for both heating and cooling and operates at a reduced sound level relative to the GSZ16 series it replaces. If you have an all electric heating system and aren't currently using a heat pump then you could easily save 30-50% on your heating bills if you switch to a heat pump system. If you are using fossil fuels for heat such as propane or fuel oil, replacing your AC system with a heat pump can, in most cases, greatly reduce your heating bills. 


In order to achieve the full efficiency and maximize it's performance this unit must be paired with the proper air handler, modular blower and evaporator coil, or furnace and evaporator coil.


Heat pumps such as the GSZH5 require a backup heat source for extreme cold temperatures. If you will be using a gas, LP, or oil furnace as a backup heat source, you will need to install a heat pump compatible thermostat that can switch between the two heat sources as needed and prevent both the heat pump and backup heat from running at the same time.


Need help putting a complete heat pump system together? Use our easy System Selector and we’ll do it for you!


Please note that this heat pump equipment comes pre-charged with R-410A liquid refrigerant and by Federal law cannot be released to the atmosphere. Yes, you can purchase this equipment without being EPA certified, and if you are mechanically inclined you may perform about 90% of the equipment installation yourself. However, we strongly recommend to have a professional heating/cooling contractor do the final part of the installation including managing the refrigerant. An HVAC contractor has the tools and know-how to do this work. Also, having a contractor perform the final startup and inspection of this heat pump validates your warranty with Alpine.


Standard Features

  • High-efficiency scroll compressor
  • SmartShift® technology to ensure quiet reliable defrost
  • Copper tube / enhanced aluminum fin coil -- 5mm diameter on 1.5-3.5T
  • Factory-installed suction-line accumulator
  • Factory-installed compressor crankcase heater
  • Factory-installed high-capacity muffler
  • High- and low-pressure switches
  • Service valves with sweat connections and easy access to gauge ports
  • Fully charged for 15 ft. of tubing length
  • Contactor with lug connection
  • Ground lug connection
  • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed


Cabinet Features

  • Removable grille style top design compliant with UL 60335-2-40
  • Steel louver coil guard
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet
  • Attractive Architectural Gray powder-paint finish with 500-hour salt-spray approval
  • Top and side maintenance access
  • Single panel access to controls with space provided for field-installed accessories
  • When properly anchored, meets the 2020 Florida Building Code unit integrity requirements for hurricane-type winds
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System Information
view information
Single Stage
view information
TXV Required
view information
view information
Low Pressure Safety Switch
view information
High Pressure Safety Switch
view information
Energy Efficiency Ratio 2
11.7 - 12.5 EER2
view information
14.9 - 15.9 SEER
view information
14.3 - 15.2 SEER2
view information
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
8.8 - 9.2 HSPF
view information
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor 2
7.5 - 7.8 HSPF2
view information
Base Heating Capacity
30000 BTU
view information
Total Cooling Capacity
2.5 Ton(s)
view information
Maximum Heating Capacity
30000 BTU
view information
Base Cooling Capacity
30000 BTU
view information
Compressor Type
view information
Noise Level
69 Decibels
Electrical Information
view information
60 Hz
view information
Voltage Phase
view information
Minimum Ampacity
18.6 Amps
view information
Maximum Overcurrent Protection (Breaker)
30 Amps
view information
208 - 230 Volts
Line Set Information
view information
Liquid Line Size (OD)
3/8 Inches
view information
Suction Line Size (OD)
3/4 Inches
Product Dimensions
view information
35 1/2 Inches
view information
35 1/2 Inches
view information
39 1/2 Inches
view information
Pad Size
36x36 Inches
Product Weight
215 lbs
Shipping Weight
235 lbs
view information
Compressor Warranty
10 Years With Online Registration
view information
Parts Warranty
With Online Registration 10 Years
view information
Qualifies for Govt. Money
view information
Approved for US Region(s)
North / Southeast / Southwest
view information
ENERGY STAR® Certified
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