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24,000 BTU 20 SEER Ultra Efficient Ducted Heat Pump/Air Handler System

24,000 BTU 20 SEER Ultra Efficient Ducted Heat Pump/Air Handler System

Model: Blueridge BMAH2420

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Model: Blueridge BMAH2420

Provides heating and cooling

Whisper quiet indoors and outdoors

Sips electricity for low utility costs

Simple installation + friendly tech support available

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The Blueridge Hyper Heat 24,000 BTU 20 SEER Ultra Efficient Ducted Heat Pump/Air Handler System is a high performing, versatile, and simple heating and cooling product. This is a heat pump that can cool better than most air conditioners, heat better than virtually any other heat pump, compete with traditional furnaces in cold weather, and reduce energy consumption thanks to its sophisticated internal controls. It even comes with new technology that makes HVAC installation faster and simpler than a traditional heat pump. These models are designed to run consistently at low output levels to maintain optimal temperatures in your space but can ramp up their output as needed. This type of operation also enhances airflow through your structure, greatly improves efficiency, optimizes air filtration (especially if paired with a media or electronic air cleaner), and does a better job dehumidifying when in cooling mode than nearly any other type of cooling system.



System Features

Inverter Compressor
Designed to run only as hard as needed to maintain optimal temperatures in your space while minimizing electrical consumption.

Variable Speed Blower
Provides even air distribution throughout your home to optimize comfort.

Energy Efficient
Experience the right airflow volume in each space with a unit that automatically adjusts based on the ducting length.

Quiet Operation
Create more peaceful, comfortable spaces with ultra-quiet operation that reduces noise pollution.

Hyper Heat Technology
Heat pump designed to operate at outdoor temperatures as low as -22 ºF, out performing most convential systems.

Easy & Flexible Installation
Install the unit vertically or horizontally for multi-directional air flow possibilities and increased flexibility.

Third-Party Thermostat Compatibility
Experience seamless integration — without extra kits — with a built-in 24V interface that’s compatible with third-party thermostats.

This System Includes*


Blueridge BMAH2420C x1
24,000 BTU 20 SEER Hyper Heat Inverter Outdoor Condenser



Blueridge BMAH2420I x1
24,000 BTU 20 SEER  Air Handler Unit



Blueridge 17317000A63536 x1
Remote controller



Blueridge 17317100006495 x1
Wired controller



Also Consider
Ambient Temperature Range (Cooling)
-22 / 122 °F
Ambient Temperature Range (Heating)
-22 / 75 °F
Low Ambient Cooling
Downflow / Horizontal / Upflow
Total Cooling Capacity
2 Ton(s)
Heating Capacity
24000 BTU
Cooling BTUs
24000 BTU
Maximum Cooling Output BTU
27000 BTU
Maximum Heating Output BTU
31000 BTU
Energy Efficiency Ratio
12.5 EER
17.4 SEER2
Energy Efficiency Ratio 2
11.7 EER2
Tax Credit (25C) Eligible Region
Electric Heat Capabilities (Optional)
10 / 15 / 5 / 8 Kilowatts
Coefficient of Performance
3.45 COP
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor 2
10 HSPF2
Yes (With Wifi Capable Thermostat)
Lowest Ambient Temperature (Heating)
-22 °F
Factory Precharge
25 Feet
Minimum Ampacity
20.5 Amps
Maximum Overcurrent Protection (Breaker)
35 Amps
Air Handler Breaker Size
15 Amps
Maximum Line Length per Zone
164 Feet
Maximum Height Difference
82 Feet
Compressor Type
ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Liquid Line Size
3/8 Inches
Suction Line Size
3/4 Inches
Indoor Air Handler Size, W x H x D
17.52 x 45 x 21.02 Inches
Supply Air Opening Size
15 3/4 w x 10 1/4 d Inches
Return Air Opening Size
15.25w x 19d inches
Sound Rating, Indoor
35 / 40.5 / 43 Decibels
Sound Rating, Outdoor
64 Decibels
Outdoor Condenser Size, W x H x D
37.24 x 31.89 x 16.14 Inches
Indoor Air Handler Weight
108.82 Lbs
Outdoor Condenser Weight
136.69 Lbs
Indoor Air Handler Type(s)
24 V AHU
208 - 230 Volts
60 Hz
Voltage Phase
Compressor Warranty
7 Years
Parts Warranty
5 Years

Enjoy free shipping on any accessories purchased with the Blueridge BMAH2420.

Required Components for Installation

Alpine Home Air Products KIT017
Supplemental Air Handler Supplies Package (P-trap and float switch)
Alpine AG-DCT
Safety Non-Fused Electrical Disconnect
Alpine AG-WHP10
1/2 x 48 Inches, #10 Gauge Electrical Whip
Blueridge BMAHK05
Blueridge Heat Kit 5KW fit for 18K,24K,30K,36K AHU IDU
Blueridge BMAHK08
Blueridge Heat Kit 8KW fit for 18K,24K,30K,36K,48K AHU IDU
Blueridge BMAHK10
Blueridge Heat Kit 10KW fit for 18K,24K,30K,36K, 48K and 60K AHU IDU
Alpine MW2/025
25 Foot 18/2 Stranded Ductless Mini-Split Wire - Shielded (300 Volt)
Alpine MW2/035
35 Foot 18/2 Stranded Ductless Mini-Split Wire - Shielded (300 Volt)
Alpine MW2/050
50 Foot 18/2 Stranded Ductless Mini-Split Wire - Shielded (300 Volt)
Alpine MW2/065
65 Foot 18/2 Stranded Ductless Mini-Split Wire - Shielded (300 Volt)
Alpine AHMSA1
Adapter 5/16" x 1/4" for Ductless Mini-Split Systems
Blueridge BGB-480
Slab Stand for Ductless Mini-Split Condensers, 440 lbs Weight Capacity
DiversiTech 230-MB17CW
(2-Pack) 17" Mounting Blocks with End Caps for Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Condensers
DiversiTech EL1838-3
E-Lite 18" x 38" x 3" Mini-Split Condenser Pad
Refrigeration Technologies RT201B
Nylog Blue Gasket and Thread Sealant
Alpine 612825B3B6
25 Foot 3/8 LL 3/4 SL Ductless Mini-Split Line Set
Alpine 612835B3B6
35 Foot 3/8 LL 3/4 SL Ductless Mini-Split Line Set
Alpine 612850B3B6
50 Foot 3/8 LL 3/4 SL Ductless Mini-Split Line Set
Alpine 612865B3B6
65 Foot 3/8 LL 3/4 SL Ductless Mini-Split Line Set
Air Conditioning System Protectors
Diversitech CGB-AER
Coil Guard - Aerosol, Blue
Air Exchangers
Aprilaire 8126A
Digital Control Fresh Air Ventilation System
Honeywell VNT5070E1000
80 CFM TrueFRESH Energy Recovery Ventilation System
Honeywell VNT5070H1000
70 CFM TrueFRESH Heat Recovery Ventilation System
Condensation Control
DiversiTech 6-3060L
31.5" X 61.5" Secondary Drain Pan
Dehumidifiers & Accessories
Honeywell DR65A3000
TrueDRY 65-Pint Per Day Dehumidifier
Duct Sealant
Diversitech 800-008
Pro-Air Duct Sealant – 1/10 Gallon Tube – 10.5 oz.
Diversitech 800-009
Pro-Air Duct Sealant – 1 Gallon Pail
Hardcast CCWI-181
Duct Sealant - 1 Gallon (Gray)
Electronic Air Cleaners (Better)
Honeywell F300E1001
6 3/4 W x 20 1/2 D x 16 3/16 H Inch Enviracaire Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner
Mini-Split System Accessories
Alpine MW2/250
250 Foot 18/2 Stranded Ductless Mini-Split Wire - Shielded (300 Volt)
Cielo Breez Plus
Breez Plus - Smart Wi-Fi Air Conditioner controller (works with Alexa and Google Assistant)
Diversitech ACB-30
Outdoor Wall Bracket for Ductless Mini-Split Condensers, 600 lbs Weight Capacity
Diversitech STXH240S05
STXH240S05 Type 1 50kA 240/120V Split Phase Surge Protector
Return Air Plenums
Alpine SBFD30
30 Inch Wide Return Air Support Box With Filter Slot
Alpine SBFD30-100-244
30 Inch Wide Return Air Support Box and Plenum Kit With Filter Slot
Steam Humidifiers
Aprilaire 800
Up to 34.6 GPD, 120 / 208 / 240 Volt, Model 800 Canister Steam Humidifier with Digital Humidifier Control
Diversitech 358-20
Foam-Plus™ Foaming Condenser Coil Cleaner – 19 oz. Aerosol
Diversitech 640-UL25
Diversitech 640-UL25 Foil Tape
Ultraviolet Purifiers & Replacement Parts
Honeywell UV100A1059
UV Surface or Air Treatment CoilPlus Irradiation System
Honeywell UV100E1043
Single Lamp UV Air Purifier - Mounts on Return Air Duct
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